Portfolio Value is incorrect in Reports

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My accounts are updated and the correct value is displayed on the home page and in the account transactions, but when I try to get a report, the value is incorrect. This is a report I use consistently and have never had this problem. I did update my software, restarted everything but to no avail. When I go to the transactions from the report, there are securities listed that are not in the account.


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    Just to be clear, are you saying there are securities listed on the report that are not actually in the account?  Or do you mean that there are securities in the account that are not on the report?

    Also, what report are you using?  Is it a saved custom report?
  • Snooseville Sue
    I have the same problem. My checking account has an accurate balance in the list of accounts, but the Net Worth and Account Balance reports both reflect the same, incorrect balance. These are not saved reports.
  • volvogirl
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    That could be because of pending transactions in the future.  Like looking at different dates.  The account bar can be changed to show the Current Balance or the Ending Balance which can be different.  

    I'm staying on Quicken 2013 Premier for Windows.

  • tas007
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    Similar issue with Portfolio Value report. It looks like any stock with a stock split, the Portfolio Value Report Current Balance is calculated incorrectly. It's correct when displaying the brokerage account and clicking on Holdings as well as the left side bar on the Home page (which matches my online brokerage balance). Don't understand why the reports don't match.
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    I have the same problem with the net worth report. In the account bar the value is correct. When I look at the holdings, they agree with the brokerage report. When I put the numbers in a spreadsheet they add up to the correct amount but the report shows a total off by about $1000.00. It seems the report can't do simple arithmetic. Windows version R45.13
  • CSL
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    I did stock splits but the number of shares and price did not change in the Holidings or Portfolio report. Anyone know how to fix this? Thanks
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