How Do I Setup SunTrust Direct Connect on Mac

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I recently had to restore my Quicken database from backup after I switched computers. The restore was easy, but it requires you to provide credentials to connect to your accounts. This is where I ran into trouble with SunTrust. I couldn't connect no matter what I tried.

I want to share what I've learned. Your direct connect credentials and your online banking credentials are different. You can use your online banking credentials to setup "Web Connect". That will allow you to download transactions, but not pay bills. To setup direct connect you have to use the "Security access Code For SunTrust Online Services". This was mailed to you when you originally setup "Direct Connect". You will need this, if you have thrown it away, you will have to have SunTrust mail you a new one. Once you have this, you may proceed.

In Quicken, select the "Direct Connect" option for your SunTrust account. A dialog will pop up asking for your "SunTrust Client ID:". This was my SSN. I think it is for everyone. You will also need to supply your "SunTrust Password:" This is the 4 digit code on the card mailed to you. When you click continue, it will ask you for a new password between 4 and 8 characters. Pick a new password that fits the criteria spelled out on the screen. Save this because it is now your password.

Some tips when dealing with SunTrust:

1. Tell them you are using "Direct Connect" with Quicken. If they don't know what your are talking about, ask to speak to someone else.
2. Never throw away your original security access code. I think you need it to reset your password via phone. If you don't have it, they will have to mail you a new one.


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    Hello @blfinche

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