Memorized Payee Issues

Kenneth Hill
Kenneth Hill Member ✭✭
I am experiencing two memorized payee issues
1. When the category is an account such as a memorized credit card balance payment the category field will randomly go blank and I have edit the memorized payee to restore it. This has happened on both single category and split transaction memorized payee items where a category is another account.
2. Some memorized payees add a duplicate to the memorized payee list each time I use them.
Has anyone had these problems. It started several Quicken updates ago. I didn't see anything in the current memorized payee issues that mentioned these.


  • gktvss24
    gktvss24 Member
    I am also experiencing the same memorized payee issues. Does anyone know why and/or how to fix it?
  • UKR
    UKR SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    For recurring events like monthly credit card payments I recommend using Scheduled Reminders. They're usually not subject to unexpected changes.
    If you want to keep a Memorized Payee List (MPL) entry as a fixed model entry for future use, engage the "Lock" option on it. This will prevent changes you make to a new transaction from updating the memorized entry and/or creating another occurrence in the MPL.
  • GeoffR
    GeoffR Member
    I am experiencing memorized payee issues as well. Quicken recognizes the memorized payee with the pop up screen identifying the correct memorized payee with corresponding category but when I (a) select it, (b) tab, or (c) press enter the transaction autofills with an incorrect category. I have confirmed there are no memorized transactions with that payee and the default category Quicken seems to use. I have deleted and then re-memorized the payee. Nothing seems to fix the problem. (I have used validate and repair - no issues). Thoughts?
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