Error OL-220-A when updating Bank of America accounts

I have been using Quicken to update Bank of America Accounts for over 20 years. The last successful update was on Sept 24 this year. Since then I have has many OL-220-A errors. The connection method is Direct Connect. Here is the connection log file text:
==== OSU Start (20211006/16:01:45) ====
20211006 16:01:46: QFN: Beginning send to
20211006 16:01:48: QFN: End send to, netstatus 0
20211006 16:01:48: Parse error. Current object: PAYEETRNRS Missing Tag: TAG UNKNOWN
20211006 16:01:49:
==== OSU End (20211006/16:01:57) ====

I contacted BoA and they say Quicken does all software support. Quicken says contact BoA for Direct Connect support. Please help me solve this problem.
Quicken Premier for Windows version Version R35.31 Build
Thank you.


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    Hello @janandar

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Bank of America accounts. I'm wondering here if we might be able to connect in a test file. This should give us a better idea of what exactly could be causing the issue. I'll leave steps down below and you can find it on the third step of the article.

     Note: When selecting Bank of America you'll want to select advanced options and change the connection type to direct connect. 

    Once you get a chance to try these steps, please let us know what you find.  From there we'll better understand our next steps/options.


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