Dealing with deposits to be received for a job.

How do I create an invoice that is for a deposit against an estimate given to a customer? How do you process the final invoice that should also show the deposit and the balance owing?


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    HI @RobertDNA,

    The entry to record the deposit received is to increase the bank account to which you made the deposit, and post the contra entry to the a new account that you'll need to setup in Quicken.  To setup the new account:

    1) Go to "Tools" > "Add Account";
    2) then click on the far right tab at the bottom of the window "+ Business AR & AP";
    3) in the right-hand box > click on "Accounts Payable";
    4) enter a name for the account (like Customer Deposits) and click Next;
    5) click Finish.

    This will put the cash in your bank account and the liability on your books.  When you go to do the invoicing for the job, you will need to move all or part of this "deposit" out of the Customer Deposits account and into an income category.


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