Issue downloading from Wells Fargo with multiple accounts

I've searched but haven't seen a similar issue with anyone having a problem downloading transactions from WF, so hear goes...

I am using Quicken for Mac and using Quicken Connect to download transactions from WF. Software is updated. I also have a Quicken for Windows instance and the issue is the same.

I have three sets of accounts at WF - (1) an account I manage for my Boy Scout troop, (2) one for my HOA and (3) one personal CC. Each of account is set up as a different, unrelated "client" at WF because they are jointly managed with different people, but each is attached to me as a customer. In other words, when I log into WF online, I can choose which account I want to view/manage but the individual client accounts are not otherwise connected, in that I cannot, for example, transfer between them. I can choose which account is my default account when I log on.

Now this setup used to work fine in Quicken, in that when I went to add an account in Q, it would bring up all three to choose from, and when I went to update, it would update all three at the same time (regardless of which default account I chose in the online banking session).

When I moved to Quicken for Mac about a year ago, this stopped being the case and now when I interact with WF through Q (both Windows and Mac) only my default account appears (timing is likely a coincidence). For example if I go to update, it will only update the account I have chosen as default in my WF online banking application. If I change the default account in the online banking session, and update in Q again, it will only see the "new" default account, and so on. While not perfect, I got by each time by updating, then changing the default and updating again.

NOW - and this appears to be an issue at WF - when I choose my default account in the WF online session, the setting is not retained, and it defaults back to my personal CC. So if you've been following, you see where this is going. Even my bootstrap method above doesn't work since I can't change the default.


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    Hello @andrenj

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, although I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your Wells Fargo accounts. It sounds like we're having a bit of an issue. If I'm understanding correctly the accounts for your HoA and boy scouts aren't able to be updated and your Personal CC is the only one actively updating. It also sounds like since this has been a partial issue for a while we may need to do some testing to see if we can have the accounts all working again.

    To start here I'd like to see if we can get all three accounts working in a different file. You can create a new file by going across the top to File > New > start from scratch > default categories > don't sync to mobile and web. From there add each of the accounts and see if you're able to get them updated together or individually.

    Once you get a chance to try these steps, please let us know what you find. If I am also missing anything please let me know. From there we'll better understand our next steps/options.


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