Transfer transaction failed - sum not added to balance.

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:( I routinely transfer money my checkbook to savings accounts. One transaction failed. I transferred a sum from the checkbook into Savings Account AE. The sum was deducted properly in the checkbook and sent to savings account AE but the sum is not added to the balance. All other clicks seem to work properly. I cleared the transaction and the amount was NOT changed.


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    Hi @Nantucketbob,

    Would you be able to post a Snip of the "transfer" entry you describe, so we can see what is actually happening?  Also - what is the significance of the "AE" after Savings Account - is that an American Express account or an AE credit card account?

    And lastly, when you cleared or deleted the transaction - in which account was the amount "NOT changed"?

    It sounds like you may be posting the transfer entry to a Category rather than to an Account, but I can't tell for sure.  If there are not square brackets around the "account" that is receiving the transfer - like this [Savings Account AE] - then you are posting to an expense or income category rather than to an account.

    Get back to me and we'll go from there.


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    Thank you. AE is the savings account nickname. I will "snip" both transactions, but I have not used snip for years so I need to relearn it. I have to go away until Wednesday. I will send you your requests on Wednesday. Thanks again.
  • Nantucketbob
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    Thanks but the problem went away! After being away for a few days I got Snip working and opened Quicken. The savings account had the wrong balance, the deposit not added in. I took snips of the two accounts.
    The next day I coded transactions on a visa card, then closed, not checking the transactions in question. The next day I opened Quicken to code two more visa cards, then checked the savings account in question. The deposit had been added and the balance was correct. I did nothing to fix it. It fixed itself. I do not know what went wrong to begin with, but at least I have a snip proving it did occur.

    There is nothing more to ask of you, but I appreciate your assistance greatly. Thanks!
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