Quicken Stopped Opening, Couldn't Uninstall or Reinstall [edited]

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Odd behavior came out of nowhere today. Quicken 2019 wouldn't start. I'd click the executable but it would immediately go to the screen asking if I wanted to report a crash. I rebooted (same error) and then tried to uninstall through Windows. It would do nothing. Nothing was listed in the tasklist. I used QCleanUI successfully, and then tried to re-install. The install asks me to confirm the normal options, and then nothing. Again, it's not even listed in the task list. I'm really confused and not sure what to do next.


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    Since you've taken the normal course of action and still not working, I would suggest contacting support. You mention Q 2019 which is the subscription version. Assuming you are a current subscriber, support will assist in getting your issue resolved. If you are not a current subscriber, then you can post back here and the user base can try to get you back and running.

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