Invoice register moved to Property & Debt

Invoice register has moved to Property & Debt. Cannot write invoices any more. With covid the last 2 years, I haven't needed to write an invoice. Now I need to and can't.
I have tried the previous "fixes" from 2020, (recreating invoice account and copying & pasting transactions from the old to the new) but all that did was duplicate every payment received in my chequeing account, so that won't work.
Has Quicken fixed this yet??? I am less than impressed.
Version R33.7, Build


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    Are you still using Quicken for Windows at the Home, Business & Rental feature level or have you ever downgraded to a lower feature level, at least for a while?
    Copy and Paste does indeed duplicate transactions.
    "Move transactions" might have been the better solution as it correctly updates transfer-to accounts in each transaction. (Caveat: "Move" should not be used with reconciled transactions. It will prompt for confirmation for each moved transaction.)
    My suggestion would be to just simply start a new Customer Invoices account for your new invoices and leave the old ones where they are.