What determines what line is highlight in an account when it opens?

In my checking account the highlighted line is stuck several weeks ago and it is a pain to have to scroll several weeks of transaction to get to current activity every time I open quicken. I've tried everything I can think of, but overtime I open Quicken (Apple) and go to my checking, It's stuck on the same old transaction. ugh! In my other accounts the highlighted line stays where it was when I closed Quicken.


  • garysmith87
    garysmith87 Member ✭✭✭✭
    I just highlighted a transaction in my checking register and closed Quicken Mac.

    When I reopened it, the checking register was shown with the highlighted transaction just as I left it.  

    I know this is stupid, but:

    1 Have you pressed ENTER to actually enter the transaction in the register?

    2 Have you just tried deleting that one transaction and re-entering it?

    3 Have you pressed the + New Transaction at the bottom and manually entered a transaction into the register?

  • dabres
    dabres Member
    Thanks for your help garysmith87! I did what you suggested - I deleted the highlighted transaction and reenter. As it turns out this is one of two legitimate transactions to the same organization the same day for the same amount. They both are cleared in my bank transactions. I re-entered the one transaction with a different date a few days different than the other. Now, when I exit Quicken and re-enter, "no" transaction is highlighted, but I have discovered this - I have Quicken full screen on a 13" MacBook Pro - regardless of where I am in my check register when I exit, when I re-enter Quicken it comes back to the exact full screen that the other locked transaction used to appear on. Again, thanks for your time but don't waist any more on this. I'm just going to move on - functionally, everything is working fine. I'll just keep going with the hope that things will straighten out or it will become obvious what is happening at some point.