Known issue with tax impact categories in quicken

Hello - I have the same issue that Dave530 documented in this April 2018 thread entitled "tax impact categories in quicken": I followed the excellent suggestions of "markus1957" and "Quicken Sarah", but they have not solved the issue for me. Summary follows:

Tax Planner > Wages entries include items with category _401EmployerContrib. These should not appear as they are not taxable wages.

Clicking "View tax form line items used here" displays the list of categories used, however
_401EmployerContrib does not have a "Change" button next to it. I understand this category is automatically created when a user sets up a 401-K account. I followed Markus1957's advice to create a temporary 401-K account to "reset" the Category so I can edit it, but I still have the same results described above. Can anyone help?



  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Try editing the category _401EmployerContrib to remove the associated tax line item. None of my data files have a tax line item associated with that category.
    If Quicken doesn't show you "Edit" under right-click or the Action button in the category list, hold down Ctrl+Shift while clicking one of them and Edit will appear.

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