Missing transactions in R.W. Baird download

We have a money market checking account with R.W. Baird, Inc. When I download data from the web for this account, there are often missing transactions. All cleared checks download correctly, as do most card transactions. Online card transactions are missing occasionally, and debits to the card from Paypal are often missing. I have tried the procedure given for missing transactions, and it has no result. Can this be fixed?


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    Hello @Henry Dieterich, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. I apologize you are having this issue. Just to clarify, when you state that you "download data from the web" are you importing a QFX file into Quicken or using One Step Update? Also, could you provide a bit more information? For instance, what connection method are you using? Have you encountered any error codes or messages? Where are your main/active files stored? 

    To check the connection method being used select Tools >Account List >Edit account details >Online services.

    Once more information is gathered we can move forward in diagnosing the issue at hand. 

    -Quicken Paloma 
  • Thank you Quicken Paloma. Here are the answers to your questions as well as I can manage.
    1. I am using One Step update
    2. I am connected to the Internet through AT&T U-Verse with an Ethernet connect to the router-modem in my home.
    3. The checking account is a linked account linked to a money market account. The money market account is updated via Direct Connect. There has been no problem with the money market account. Because it is linked to the checking account, its balance is always $0. The only transactions that are kept in the register are periodic interest payments that are immediately and automatically deposited in the checking account.
    4. There have been no error messages associated with this account. There have been messages about possibly missing stock splits in my other Baird investment accounts, but they are separate accounts. I never pay attention to them because I am not concerned about the exact holdings information
    5. My active files are stored on the hard drive of an Asus desktop, which is the only machine on which I run Quicken.
    6. As I mentioned before, I have already used the method described in the regular help pages.
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    Hello @Henry Dieterich, 

    Thank you for your response and the additional information. For this particular instance, I would recommend de/reactivating the connection. By doing this it will re-establish the connection and allow the downloading of the most recent transactions. 

    For instructions on de/reactivating please visit the link below.


    When you have a moment please attempt the steps above. Let us know how it goes! 
  • I did the steps above. It was tricky because there are 10 other accounts at Baird. When I reactivated, I only got one option for linking the account, but then I got an error downloading because it said that I was downloading data for accounts that didn't exist. I went back and reset every account and now I don't get an error. HOWEVER there are still transactions that are missed. In this case there are two online card transactions. They don't look any different in the online activity report at the Baird website, but they didn't download into Quicken when other transactions (checks and retail card transactions) on the same date (yesterday) did download (transactions dated today never download).