Member Capital/Equity...Construction Draws....Repair Classifications

1. I have an multimember LLC (Wife and Myself) and this past 2 years we have had to contribute capital to help cover some rent during the pandemic. How would I add/categorize this into Quciken??? I currently have it under Member Contribution Category, and it is showing up as Income. I would not consider it income since I have already been taxed on it through my M-F job. Am I looking at this wrong.

2. We bought a house and took a construction draw on the property. I set up in quicken as its own category under income but now realize that this is not truly income as it is tied to my overall loan. Every time I apply for a draw it shows it as income, would this be considered income or equity?? How would I enter this not to show it as an income??

3. Is there any way to put/tag repairs on certain houses?? Would I create a rental expense category and call it XXX Main St- Repairs or is there another way to classify?? Currently I have all my rental repairs under the general "Rental Repairs" category. I was thinking I would like to open the XXX Main St and it would show a report of income, loan payments, and all repairs made to the property.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  • Jason C3
    Jason C3 Unconfirmed ✭✭✭
    Re: Repairs for each property - Use tags for each property and keep the category the same. Similar to QBs classes it makes everything much easier and your registry/ category list cleaner. Tags work wonderfully well and use them on the rental properties I have. 
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