Truist - Why can't I get Direct Connect for Truist accounts, only Express Web Connect

I was a long-time BB&T customer which has now become Truist, but I cannot get my 'Direct Connect' account connections via Truist anymore - so though I can download my transactions, I cannot add or even edit my current scheduled payments via Quicken. However, I am still being billed by Truist for this service, and Truist documents say they have Direct Connect capability. Is Direct Connect not yet available with Truist?

When I check my accounts via Tools, Account List - transactions for Truist only show as 'Express Web Connect' even when I reactivate them. A Quicken rep told me on 10/14/21 that Direct Connect is not yet working for Truist. Can Quicken confirm that, and if so, where can I check to see when it is available?


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    According to the list of supported financial instructions in my Q Windows, Express Web Connect is the only protocol currently supported.

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    @UKR Thanks for your response. A Quicken rep told me that Truist/Quicken are working on it, so I've been searching the site to find the list you mentioned of supported financial institutions' protocols so I can see when/if they add this feature for Truist. Where did you access the list? Thanks!
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    For Quicken for Windows US, the file I'm talking about is called Fidir.txt and lives in a (hidden, I believe) file folder named
    • C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Banklist\2019 for the Subscription version.
    Older versions will have this file in
    • C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Inet\Common\Localweb\Banklist\20xx (where 20xx varies with the year of your old version)
    Open this file with Notepad, another ASCII file text editor or open it with Excel as tab-delimited text file
    A downloadable file can be found here:

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    Truist offers Express Web Connect for free and Direct Connect w/Bill Pay for $7.95/mo.  To get direct connect: log into Truist, go to your Profile, select Preferences, and then check Direct Connect.  You then log into Q' and if: 1) your Truist account is already in Q' - do a One Step Update which will enable Direct Connect or 2) add the Truist account to Q' and it will be added with Direct Connect.

    Suggest you wait a few days, as at this time there is on ongoing problem with adding Truist to Q'. 
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    @UKR - Thanks so much for the information on where to find the Fidir.txt file. Now, if I get a Quicken update, I have an easy and reliable way to confirm if the web-connect option has been added to Truist accounts. Very helpful! Thank you for your time in responding.

    And just to add to the post - as of 11/14/21, Truist still shows EXP-WEB-CONNECT as their only option. "BANKING,CREDIT,ACCOUNTINFO&EXP-WEB-CONNECT"
  • I'm having the exact same problem!! Reconciling the account is completely screwed up.
  • I spent 2+ hours on the phone with tech support this afternoon.
  • Express Web Connect never reconciles correctly. Constant balance adjustments. Very frustrating.
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    For Truist, I was able to add a new account. However, One Step Update fails each time with CC-501 error. Tried refreshing the financial profile, but it did not help.
  • I just got off the phone with Truist and learned the Quicken to Truist online banking is **not** yet fully operational. Therefore, to use Direct Connect in Quicken, you must select BB&T as your online provider. (I assume the same thing for SunTrust.)

    If you already setup a Truist account in Quicken, what you'll want to do is disable that online account, Add New Account, Select BB&T, and *link* to your existing check register.

    Note - For some reason, the Quicken Mobile app doesn't want to work with this setting. I'm still troubleshooting.
  • The BB&T link did not work for me either, BB&T would not accept my password and I was locked out of my Truist account. Spent 4 hours with Truist support and could not get it fixed. They blamed Quicken for the issue.
  • > @rewischmann said:
    > The BB&T link did not work for me either, BB&T would not accept my password and I was locked out of my Truist account. Spent 4 hours with Truist support and could not get it fixed. They blamed Quicken for the issue.

    Here's how I kinda fixed the issue.
    1. I backed up my existing Quicken file.
    2. I created a new Quicken file.
    3. I created a new account.
    4. During the setup process, I selected BB&T using "Advanced Settings"
    6. Entered username/password and then the question.
    7. This worked.
    8. I closed the new file and re-opened the original.
    9. I went through the same process as above, but I "Linked" the account to my existing BB&T/Truist.
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