Capital One - Still Can't Connect Half a Year Later

Robert Honeyman
Robert Honeyman Member ✭✭✭

Reality: I love Quicken, have been using it since the mid-80s. I've never encountered this problem where I am unable to connect to a bank for months and get told that it's a known problem, but a solution never appears. Yet, some seem to be able to navigate past the CC-501 error.

The workaround is only mildly annoying, i.e., going to CapOne site and downloading transactions to a QFX file. Well, a little more than mildly annoying, since CapOne is my primary card.

Am I really alone in this? It has been half a year since the program operated properly, at least for me. I can't believe that there's something in my personal setup preventing a connection, since I'm able to connect with five other banks seamlessly.