Checking Account Closed [Edited]

In a download transaction process this morning, Quicken detected what it saw as a new Home Equity Line of Credit from my bank and displayed a warning message. I clicked on the "Fix It" button. It proceeded to close the account in Quicken. Then it asked if my checking account was also closed and I clicked on NO. Quicken proceeded to close that account anyway with all of its thousands of transactions. I can't reopen it. What on earth can a user do with a situation like this?


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    Hello @Randy Schmidt , A very unfortunate situation of course.  But the recovery is to restore from a Quicken backup file that hopefully you maintained (or Quicken's automatic backup did) prior to closing of the account.
    Adding a screenshot for reference
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    Thank you, BK. I used a backup but had to reconstruct a lot of transactions as it was a few weeks old. I've set up a more robust backup strategy and hopefully will not run into this dilemma again.