Quicken will not open

Windows 10, current subscription. Yesterday, before opening, it asked (first time) for User ID and password. Correctly entered, it responded that the User ID could not be matched. 20 minute chat with tech support could not resolve. During an overnight update, this morning a screen reported a crash and took a report. Today the requesting box reappears, but stays blank, not allowing any input. The Quicken software presented a process to uninstall and re-install, and I wentthrough that, but trying to open Quicken still stops at the blank box requesting User ID and Password. I'm a 23 year user, butthis stumps me/ Where does one go from here? (Community pages suggest that lots of this was seen in 2020? - how was that resolved?)


  • mshiggins
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    Wow, that is crazy! An expired credit card gets you expired license treatment? How long before your actual subscription expiration did this occur?

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