TCF Huntington merger*problem with small business account

TCF included the small business account with my personal accounts. That is not the case with Huntington. I've enrolled the account in Huntington's on line business hub so there is online access. My problem is changing the account information in Quicken. When trying to edit the account details, the online services tab says the account is "set up for download." I see no way to deactivate the download setup and setup the Huntington information. In the General tab, I've attempted to enter the new account and routing numbers and click ok. The updates aren't accepted, I assume because the account remains "set up for download" via TCF Any suggestions as to how to proceed?


  • Moorhatch
    Moorhatch Member ✭✭
    Quicken chat helped with the problem and it turns out to be somewhat convoluted. Because TCF closed the account, perhaps because Huntington's way of handling small business accounts wasn't the same, I was unable to "edit account details." The option of deactivating online services was removed from Quicken. The problem was resolved as follows: in the same quicken file, create a new, Huntington account then download. All of the prior transactions were moved into the new account all be it with less than informative payee information. Then, go to manage hidden accounts and hide the original TCF file.