Using Split Windows on Mac

I tried to use Quicken with split screen windows on my MacBook Pro (M-1 chip, OS11.6) to work with a Quicken report window and a MS Excel spreadsheet (latter works fine for split screen & other programs). Could not get that to work with Quicken. Spent an hour with Apple Care on the phone and the conclusion is that it is "Quicken's problem". Anyone else have this problem, and if so how to solve it? Thanks

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  • Ezy
    Ezy Member
    Great! My MacBook Pro is the same size as yours. I followed your suggestion with the display resolution and it now split screen works like a charm. Problem before was, that although I could make Excel work for 1/2 of my split screen, it said "no windows available" when I tried to split the Quicken screen for the other half. Now it works very well. Thanks a lot.
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