"The account you selected cannot contain the data you downloaded." What the . . . ?

In "Accounts," I added a new credit card account. Quicken "found" it in its list when I began typing "Verizon visa. . . " (it is a visa card "branded" Verizon and issued by Synchrony: www.verizonvisacard.syf.com). When I clicked on the icon for the card "found" by Quicken, it automatically set up the account and downloaded transactions beginning with July 23 through the most current transaction (Oct 17). For an opening balance, it entered: "7/22 -$1,234.66" which was the amount due for the first billing period for which I used the card. However, it did not download the transactions from earlier in July that resulted in the -$1,234.66. I went to the website, called up the transactions from July 14-20, asked for them to be downloaded via a Quicken file (I could see that the file was .QFX), and when I went back to Quicken, I got the above error message.

How can I get Quicken to accept these transactions?


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    Hi @Jim Thompson

    I cannot say that I have experienced this same problem before, but I believe that this is happening because Quicken thinks that the transactions are intended for some other account, even though you know they belong for this Verizon Visa account.  This is likely because the information embedded in the QFX file references some variation of the account name that you've set up in Quicken.  Are you getting the OL-362-A (or -B) error code?

    As a first step, I would suggest that you:

    a) make sure that the start date for this newly added account is prior to the date of the first transaction in the QFX file.  You can do this by entering a new manual transaction dated before the first date in the download for a zero amount;
    b) close down your Quicken application and then restart Quicken;
    c) retry the download into the new Quicken account by clicking on the QFX file that you downloaded.

    Let me know how that goes.


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