After upgrading to R36.23

Quicken would no longer log into one of my investment accounts. I did not change any passwords. I removed online services from the account and added them back. That fixed that.

Quicken would not sync to cloud. It said that one of my transactions had a problem. I reset the cloud data, that fixed that.

I checked my investment accounts and don't appear to have hit the known issue of them being set to Simple Investing.

I am still checking for other potential problems.
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  • SideRetired
    SideRetired Member
    edited October 2021
    After updating to R36.23, Quicken will not sync with ANY of my accounts, Citi, Chase, CapitalOne, my local banks. The Reset feature isn't available, try again in a few days, blah blah. The community updates from Quicken just points fingers at Citi. [Removed - Disruptive] I wasn't having issues before being forced to update to R36.23. They need to roll it back ASAP.
  • David Green
    David Green Member ✭✭✭
    @SideRetired you can find the Quicken patches here: so if you still have the version you downloaded you can install that and then update to whatever level you wish. This will effectively backlevel Quicken. The upgrade created a backup, so you may need to restore that backup.
    Quicken for Windows Premiere
    Always the latest version