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I noticed a few weeks ago that I could finally select Prudential to track my investments. This has been a long time waiting as it was only offered for Quicken on Windows. I am trying to track a 401(k) but over the past few weeks have gotten a few different error messages and they have changed over the days. Has anyone been successful now that we can connect to Prudential in setting up the account transfer. I do believe the only selection is quicken connect.


  • garysmith87
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    No.  Prudential completely redid their opening page on their website...and it's been a disaster since.  The connection method is Direct Connect.

    I've had issues using Mint as well and the connection has been broken there too.  According to Prudential, they have completely blocked all access to third party downloads.  And I have no clue when this will be fixed...if ever.  

    Unfortunately, with financial institutions become even more vigilant with securing our data, this may be a wave of the future.

    For now, I'm manually entering all transactions with Prudential.  Not ideal, certainly.  

    My suggestion?  Contact Quicken Mac support and let them know you can't connect and Prudential made substantial changes to their site...and somehow contact Prudential and tell them you're not a happy customer.  
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