After Version R36.23 update having download issues

I have 4 investments I am tracking. Now when I download the updates perhaps 2 of the 4 will update. When I repeat, maybe another 2 or 3 will update. the ones that do not update only show the cash balance. So updates randomly occur. Any ideas how to fix. I did validate and repair and reset accounts.


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    Hi I am updating 4 separate managed investment accounts at same bank. Each account has several stocks and cash. I have been doing this for over a year. Now when I do the update sometimes it updates one of the accounts (showing total value) and sometimes just the cash in that account. I no longer get all 4 accounts to update at the same time. There are no error codes.
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    HI @SC0001

    How are you connecting (i.e. which connection method) with the bank, and what is the bank's name?  Do you know whether they've made any changes to the website they use for customer access?


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    @Frankx has you on the right track for how you connect to your FI.

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