How do I get a correct Portfolio Balance and Cost Basis Report?

For 1 of 40 securities in this report I get a correct [Shares], [Quote/Price], [Cost Basis], but it reports a balance of 3,077.44, where the correct balance is 3,436.74, with a corresponding error in [Gain/Loss] based on [Shares]*[Quote/Price], [Balance] in Portfolio, or Vanguard, whichever you prefer. The [Quote/Price] in the account Holding dialog matches that in Price History. Repairing the database, rebuilding investment lots, rebuilding price history, and recreating the report all fail to correct the problem.

I'm running Deluxe R36.23 Build on a very stable system with 64 bit Windows 10 Home and an Intel(R{ Core(TM) i5-9400 @ 2.90 GHz.


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    You may be missing transactions. If you have a recent backup that is correct, try exporting to Excel (or make reports) out of the current file and the backup. Then compare the exports (reports) to see if you can identify it or eliminate that as a cause. 
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    Let's start here
    • The Portfolio Value & Cost Basis report does not show [Shares] and [Quote/Price] nor [Gain/Loss].  That report only shows [Security name], [Cost Basis], and [Balance]. 
    • The Portfolio Value report does show all those fields - [Security name], [Shares], [Quote/Price], [Cost Basis], [Gain/Loss], and [Balance].  
    So which report are you referring to?  Which report is presenting the incorrect [Balance] for this one security?  Or do you mean something different than a "Report"; something like a Portfolio or Holdings view?
    ... with a corresponding error in [Gain/Loss] based on [Shares]*[Quote/Price], [Balance] in Portfolio, or Vanguard, whichever you prefer. 
    What is the meaning of the Portfolio or Vanguard reference? 

    Presumably whatever you are looking at is as of 'today'.  If so, for prior dates, is the information correct?  When does the change take place?  When does the balance go awry?  What transactions are entered for that date?  What price changes occur on or around that date?