TCF to Huntington Conversion - Changed my opening balance from 2011

After following all the recommended steps to update from TCF to Huntington (, I noticed that my checking account was off by $250. After a few dead ends, I finally figured out that the opening balance entry from July, 2011 had been moved to a new date and altered by $250.

I am 99.9% sure this is related to the Huntington Conversion as I went to the backup I took on October 20 before updating to Huntington and it had the correct information.

The opening balance date of the savings account was also altered but the amount was not.

I am not requesting advice. Just letting people know if they are seeing an unexplained difference in their checking / savings accounts since updating to Huntington check their opening balances.

Side Note: I also have the issue with a popup preventing the automatic sync with Huntington. I managed to resolve it for a few days but then it came back. I have resigned myself to manually downloading the Quicken WebConnect files from the banks webpage vs automatic syncing.