Unable to Update Online Balance for CapOne Accounts [Edited]



  • abond28
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    I'm still getting a zero balance coming in from my CapitalOne personal accounts (formerly CapOne360) when I manually download from the bank website. However, I DO get a correct online balance with my downloads from Capital One's BUSINESS accounts. I sure wish you guys could fix this for the CapOne personal accounts, Quicken.
  • Anson
    Anson Member
    this has been a long time problem with capital 360 accounts, and there was a plug given before but it only works for a few downloads and it is back to zero downloaded balance. all I do is adjust and delete that adjustment. I think Quicken doesn't have a fix yet
  • AnnoyedQuickAddict
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    [Removed - Speculation]
  • Kathy P.
    Kathy P. Member ✭✭
    For the last month I have also not been able to update my Quicksilver account with a correct online amount. I have tried resetting and nothing changes. Any suggestions?
  • Lee E. Foster
    Lee E. Foster Member ✭✭
    Quicken support has eroded to mirror that of Micky-Soft.
  • Kathy P.
    Kathy P. Member ✭✭
    The latest answer from Quicken says to go update I guess to make sure I have the most recent. It says it is the most recent and I still cannot fix the problem.
  • Kathy P.
    Kathy P. Member ✭✭
    Okay. Looks like I was able to download Capitol One accounts, but there is only a beginning balance no transactions. Glad some of it is working but how do I get the transactions?
    MACNLEAKEY Member ✭✭
    Still cannot add Capital One credit card account
  • Try going to Accounts and in the Financial Institution field put "Capital One Bank-New" and in the account number put XXXXYYYY where YYYY is the last four digits of the actual account number. This allowed me to match the account at Capital One with what I already had in Quicken.
  • Kathy P.
    Kathy P. Member ✭✭
    This is very frustrating and I know that security probably pays a big part, but Capital One is a huge financial company and it makes no sense that this is taking this long.
  • mgriffen
    mgriffen Member
    I have four capital one bank accounts and have had them for over 10 years. Since last August all of the transactions will download but the ending balance always shows as zero. To reconcile, I have to disconnect online services and put in the correct ending balance. BTW, my credit card with the same institution has no problem.
    On another note, deactivating the online services works but hangs Quicken. I always have to terminate quicken through Task Manager and then restart quicken to get back to working order.

    Really annoying.
  • Kathy P.
    Kathy P. Member ✭✭
    I was finally able to connect to Capital One and reconcile my accounts (now under Capital One
    Bank new). I did notice that instead of updating my Quicksilver account, it made a new credit card account (even though I checked to link to existing). Also the Quicksilver is now under Capital One Card current. Not sure why that happened, but glad I can now reconcile.
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