Specific securities in specific accounts won't show as held, disappeared from portfolio (Q Mac)

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Mutual funds CRSOX and CHDVX (and no others) stopped showing in Portfolio View, a problem only in investment accounts downloaded from Chase (and no others). I manually added dummy entries in other investment accounts, and they show. Adding dummy entries in Chase accounts will not show. Transactions involving these still download and appear in my Chase Transaction View. In Windows / Securities, these securities are indicated as not held (even though their Chase transaction record should tell the program they are held).


  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, Spoonmeister:

    Go into that Chase account, and view the transactions. Scroll to the beginning of the register, and I suspect you will see a placeholder (likely a "Remove Shares") transaction in light gray that is offsetting all the other CRSOX/CHDVX transactions-including the dummy ones you may have entered.

    Placeholders have a purpose, and act as an balance (share) adjustment from what is being reported by Chase. I can't tell you to simply delete it if you encounter one as I don't know your historical data. (You might need it.) But, this should be a good starting point in helping you figure out what is going on.
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    Thanks John_in_NC. This led to the fix -- creating a dummy "add shares" entry in the same amount as the "remove shares" entry. Now the numbers match.
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