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Mac user - transferred data to new computer - back up folder question

JGR Member
Transferred all my data to new laptop. Quicken runs fine on new machine but I neglected to save a back the quicken file to external drive. I did need to re download data from some banking accounts and one credit card account. However, I cannot get transactions (per one of the banks limitations) from prior to 2020. I had that info pre transfer IAsking what I should expect if I restore from that quicken back up. It should have the previous data with the older banking info yes and will it display? and if s I restore from the back that Oct 1 backup will I need to redo any data input and other account transaction downloads


  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Howdy, JGR:

    If you restore from a backup, the data will be the exact same as it was on the old machine. (A "backup" is nothing more than a duplication of your existing Quicken data file.) You might have to re-enter some bank credentials as your new Mac doesn't have them. But, the historical data is identical.

    Note: if you "transferred all your data", then your old data file is likely on the new machine. But, the file is hidden away in a remote location. So, for this exercise, it is easier to simply backup/restore if you still have access to your old Mac.
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