Can't log in to Charles Schwab

Chris Member ✭✭
So, I'm on the very latest version of the Mac version, as requested by the "upcoming changes for Charles Schwab" post, but now I can't download. Last download was Oct 28th, seems to correspond to the latest Q update. What's the status of this conversion?


  • jobworker
    jobworker Mac Beta Beta
    Hmmm?  My latest production version which also is the same as the Mac Beta Premier (Version 6.4.4 (Build 604.41834.100) has not had a problem downloading Schwab transactions today 30th October.  I am running Mac O/S 11.6.1.  My connection is still Direct Connect.,
     though, yesterday I did have to re enter my password to access Schwab.  
    My Schwab test files setup, which has my Investment files set up as a Direct Connect and a "ZZ" version with Quicken Connect downloaded both their transactions with no problems.
    I am not aware of how the quicken team are converting us to Quicken Connect which I believed was to be accomplished this month.
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