Options Accounting (2) Short Put/Call

(2a): Short Put/Call is assigned (exercised). Broker sends message the option (portion of the option) was removed. Cover Short (CvrShrt) transaction handles perfectly. If we were to view the underlying security, we would see the Sale/Purchase at the Option Strike Price.

(2b): Short Put/Call expires. Broker sends message the option removed. In Quicken, the only way to make 'go away' is to use the Cover Short transaction, which gets the job done, but is incorrect.


  • dualshift
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    This options annoyance and slow manual process may be what finally breaks the camel's back for me and look for other options. I've been with Quicken for every version since I was forced to migrate from Microsoft Money 2007.
  • miklk
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    When a short option expires, the correct entry is cover at zero.

    Many Brokers send the incorrect remove transaction. Quicken has no way to know it is wrong as the broker is sending it wrong. Just use the cover transaction and delete the downloaded remove transaction. 

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