Stop Bill Reminder section at bottom of register from opening when I go to register

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I have Quicken set to open in my primary checking. Every time it opens, the bottom section with Bill Reminders is open. How do I keep it closed unless I click the open ^?
I have looked everywhere for a solution with no luck. Thanks for the help.


  • UKR
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    Are there any Downloaded Transactions still waiting to be accepted? Or are there any Bill Reminders past due?
    AFAIK, that's what triggers the bottom section open.
    According to my notes
    • The Bill and Income Reminders tab and the Downloaded Transactions tab do not show at the bottom of the register if the account has been set to "automatically accept downloaded transactions into your register".

    but I don't think that you want to make this change with respect to changing how transactions are downloaded into your register.

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