Bought and Sold Securities Report in Quicken Mac


Could someone tell me how I can create a report that will show all purchases and sales of securities in the current year.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


  • Lakegal
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    I forgot to mention that the tax report only shows sale of securities. I need to create a report that shows or includes current year purchases.

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  • RickO
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    Perhaps not obvious, but you would do this in the transaction register:
    1. Click the Investing account group in the sidebar
    2. Click the Transactions "tab" at the top
    3. Set the Date filter to This Year
    4. Click the magnifying glass in the search box, top right and choose "Type" from the dropdown menu
    5. Enter "buy" in the search box
    6. Click menu File > Print to generate the report
    7. In the Print dialog, you can click PDF in the lower left corner to save the report as PDF
    8. You could instead click File > Export > Register Transaction to CSV file in order to view them in Excel or Numbers.
    This will get you all of your buy transactions. Repeat with "sell" in step 5 to get your sales. If you want them combined into one report, use step 8, and merge them in Excel or Numbers.

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  • Lakegal
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    Thank you. That is what I have been doing to get the information. I want to create I can just run instead of having to do one time requests. I'm very disappointed in the investment reporting capabilities of Quicken Mac. I love that it is a database that enables me to extract data but the lack of formal reports is frustrating. I almost wish Quicken would create a Mac edition / subscription that deals solely with investments and not personal cash flow management.
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