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I used the Bill and Income Reminder window in the past to simply remind me of upcoming bills. When a bill came "due" in this window, I would simply click "ignore" and process the bill manually. I came to subsequently realize I could have the bill transaction entered into Quicken in the account identified in the reminder line item. I started to do this, but then realized the account I had identified for a particular reminder was closed and no longer active in Quicken. I discovered this after seven reminders for a particular bill. What has happened is that the closed account now has a negative balance equal to these seven payments, but when I go to this account in Quicken, there are no transactions associated with these 7 entries. I don't know where these transactions are, but I have this negative balance now that doesn't make sense. Any idea what is happening? Appreciate any help anyone can offer.


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    When looking at the closed account's register ... is it properly sorted by Date and are there any filters applied that exclude these transactions from showing?
    Make sure the Date column has a little triangle in the column header, pointing up (e.g., "Date ^"). If not, click the column header to sort by Date.
    Look at the Filter fields. Next to it, there's a Reset button. Click it to turn off all filters.
    Are the missing transactions now showing?
    If so, you can move the transactions to the correct register and get your closed account's balance back to 0.00
  • That did it. Once sorted by date, the transactions showed up. I deleted them all (I had already entered the transactions in the correct account register) and all is now good. Thanks!
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