What is my Quicken suddenly asking me for a password?

When I closed Quicken last night, I had not set up any password on it. When I tried opening it this morning, it ran some updates and then asked for my password to login to my data file. I have never set up a password. I tried clicking Forgot Password and nothing happens. Why is this happening?


  • Jon
    Jon SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Could it be asking for your Quicken.com password (to verify your subscription) rather than a file password?
  • Kristine Bates
    No, I tried that. I finally chatted with someone who walked me through trying to restore my backup from yesterday but that didn't work so we had to go back one more day before it solved the issue, which was caused by an update this morning. Unfortunately, I had spent about 5 hours on Quicken yesterday and all that was lost.
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