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I have spend the better of 6 hours attempting to make the transition from BB&T to Truist and continue to use Bank Bill Pay - all without success. Quicken says the problem rests with Truist not authorizing Bank Bill Pay to be enabled. Truist says the issue is with Quicken. Neither one has come. up with a solution. [Removed-Disruptive/Speculation] I for one am starting to explore alternative solutions


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    Thank you for coming to the Community with your questions and concerns. 

    Unfortunately, Truist does not offer Direct Connect which is required in order to use Bank Bill Pay. I do apologize that this is the case for you. You could always ask the bank if they have any plan of implementing this in the future. You could also consider using Quicken's Bill Manager feature. With your current deluxe subscription, that would be something that you would have to pay an additional monthly charge for. 

    Do let us know if you have any more questions or concerns.

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    WVDave said: I have spend the better of 6 hours attempting to make the transition from BB&T to Truist
    As mentioned - it is totally up to TRUIST to support the higher level functions of Quicken -
    which require the Direct Connect protocol - and they have chosen not to support it ...
    I happen to use Chase - and their Bank Bill Pay, and it works great.
    You can compare the Quicken features supported by these two banks.... Truist vs Chase -
    There are hundreds of banks that support Direct Connect - it appears that Truist is not one of them.
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