Has anyone successfully resolved an OL-316-A?

This is the error you get when trying to cancel an online transaction that has already started processing by your bank. You can't delete it because it says you have to first cancel it. You can't cancel it because it says it has started processing. Meanwhile the original transaction has already been processed and completed. So how to get rid of this now-bogus "Send" transaction?


  • Frankx
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    Hi @BigBlueFan

    I believe that I had a similar situation as you are seeing some time ago.  I think that I was able to clear it by going to the "Check #" column and clicking on the "Status" link, which will begin an online update for that account.

    Let us know how that goes.


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  • BigBlueFan
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    The strategy you suggested didn't yield any results, as changing the method of payment (via the Check # dropdown) requires the transaction to first be cancelled, then a new transaction with the desired method of payment created.
    What got me through it is manually matching a newly-downloaded transaction with the pending "Send" transaction, then manually editing the payee and amount back to the original. And that was only dumb luck after trying everything else multiple multiple times.
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