Downloaded transactions & Customer Invoices.

How do you link a downloaded bank transaction to a customer invoice to show that it has been paid and removed from accounts receivable.


  • RobertDNA
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    It seems like I have to record a payment on an invoice before I download transactions from the bank. Is there a way to delete all bank transactions from quicken and start the payments to invoices procedure fresh?
  • UKR
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    The way the invoices feature was designed, all actions are initiated from within the Customer Invoices account register. You write an invoice. You receive payments. Etc.
    This code dates back to before the Internet and before downloading from banks was widely available.
    If you have received payments in your checking account and recorded them as a transfer to Customer Invoices AND used the correct Payee Name, then your payment will have been recorded as a credit and the invoice will not have been marked as paid.
    To get all invoices marked paid properly, create a $0.00 New Customer Payment transaction. In the data entry dialog form mark the field "Apply existing credits" with a checkmark. This should mark all old invoices as paid, until the amount of recorded credits is used up. After saving the transaction you may not see a $0.00 payment transaction in the register, but all invoices should now be marked "c" in the Clr field.
    As to recording downloaded transactions in your checking account, it would be best of you set the account to NOT automatically accept downloaded transactions. Receive the downloads into the Downloaded Transaction tab. For each new customer payment you see in there switch to the Customer Invoices account and record a New Customer Payment transaction. When you switch back to the checking account, the payment you just recorded will have appeared as a transaction and can now be matched to the downloaded transaction.
    That's a little cumbersome, perhaps, but that's the only way I know of how to deal with invoices in Quicken.
  • RobertDNA
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    I have not matched anything from the downloaded bank transactions. I considered deleting the banking account and creating a new one before downloading. Then go through the cumbersome process of linking them twice. I will read over your instructions and try it on a copy of my data file. Thanks for the information.
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