Some transactions not showing up in budget

I have an American Express credit card account with auto download of transactions. There are 7 transactions tagged for the "Hotel" category. Only 4 are showing up in my budget. The other 3 are not, even though they are all tagged "Hotel." I called support and their solution was to delete the 3 and re add them as new manual entry transactions. This solved the problem. Now all 7 show up in the budget correctly.

Support said sometimes a transaction ID gets messed up when downloading and this causes the transaction to now show up in the budget. Even though it shows up in the account and is properly tagged with the right category.

But my concern is that I have many accounts and thousands of transactions. I happened to notice they were missing in the budget because they were larger amounts. How do I have confidence that other transactions are also not being picked up and my budget is actually correct?? If I have to go through every single transaction to confirm, well then I should stop paying for Quicken and just go back to a spreadsheet at that point.

Is this a known issue? Or a very rare issue? I'm struggling to understand how that can be Quicken's response to this problem.


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    This sounds like something where you should get one of the automatic backups of your Quicken file to tech support from before you deleted the problematic transactions. Then have them look internally at those transactions to see in what way they are damaged so they can improve the download code to never allow such specifically damaged transactions to be created, especially without giving an error.
    Also, minor note it sounds like you are assigning CATEGORIES to those transactions and not TAGS. Categories are correct so you should not refer to them as tags unless you do mean the Tags that can be associated with a transaction in addition to a Category.
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