Where to get a copy of Quicken 2016

My Win10 desktop got damaged (I think) by a Microsoft update and I had to reset Windows 10 which wiped all my installed programs including the Quicken 2016 Premier I've been using since Aug-2015. Because this was an electronic update to my prior Quicken 2010 Premier version, I have no physical CD media and any install files have apparently been deleted.

I know I can jump to a current version but I had no complaints with the 2016 Premier version and I don't need updates or more subscription fees. Plus I've been using it for over six years so am very familiar with this version.

Quicken support has not been of any assistance except to point me here. Has anyone been able to recover/restore a working Windows version of 2016 Premier? Have an original CD or download?

TIA - Tim


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    Have you looked at your account at quicken.com? You might still find a link to your Quicken 2016 download in there ... I hope ...
    After downloading your copy of Quicken be sure to save the download file to some external or cloud backup storage, for future use.
    Disconnect your computer from the network and install Q 2016. Before opening it for the first time, reconnect your computer to the network and be sure to download and install a file named Release 19.5 Mondo from http://www.quicknperlwiz.com/quicken-2016-patches.html
    Without this update, Quicken won't work at all.

    Edit: You may be out of luck finding Q 2016 at quicken.com and even at any reputable internet retailers. So, the above may be a moot point. If you do not have or cannot find an original CD or downloadable installation file, your only alternative may be to upgrade to Quicken Subscription ... like it or not ... sorry.

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    To simplify your search...Quicken Windows 2016 and 2017 and the subscription model all share the exact same data file format.  They are all compatible with each other.

    If you can't find a copy of 2016, you might also look for Quicken 2017.  It's the last non-subscription version and will read your 2016 Quicken data file perfectly.  

    Once again, you'd need to go to the quoted site above and download the last 2017 update patch after downloading but before starting Quicken 2017.  
  • Update: After an extensive search on my laptop, I turned up a breadcrumb, the email confirmation from Intuit for my shipment of Quicken 2016 Premier! It reflected a CD! Since I had been assuming this had been an over the air update, I hadn't made an extensive search for a CD. Once I knew it existed, I eventually found it (not where it should have been). So, following the instructions from "thecreator" in another thread here, I'm back in business and the wife has put away the rope & noose...
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