More cash balance discrepancy between holdings and register values

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I have read several threads on this issue and I believe I understand the problem, but have been unable to correct it.

After a recent issue with having to reconnect online services I now have a discrepancy between the cash balance in my investment register and what is portrayed in holdings. The register balance is $7k greater than what is in holdings.

Despite this, the overall portfolio value in quicken is correct as it seems to be using the value from the "holdings" page. As a result, my net worth is not artificially elevated - it actually has the correct value.

I have tried to simply enter an adjustment into my register to lower the balance, but this lowers the balance in "holdings" as well. I have found many old transaction with a cash value of N/A that seem to maybe be the problem. However, there is unfortunately not one transaction with the specified amount.

Every time I try to adjust or delete a transaction to affect the registry cash value, it also affects the "holdings" value.

I don't really care at this point that the old data is correct. Is there a way to put in an adjustment to bring down the registry value, but leave the holdings cash value alone so that I can reconcile them?
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