Anyone else having issues with Space Age Federal Credit Union not downloading Account updates?

Since October 15th I have been unable to get one step updates from Space Age Federal Credit Union. I called a few weeks ago and they said the issue was their new web site. On November 8th they said they fixed it, but it still didn't work. I called Quicken and they tried to get me re-connected, but couldn't, and they now say it is a problem on their end. Anyone else having this same issue?


  • By the way, the error code I get is CC-501 Rick S
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    Hello @Rick S, 

    Thank you for reaching out to Quicken Community. We apologize you are having this persisting issue. To provider proper guidance can you let us know what connection method you are using? Also, is this occurring for one account or multiple? 

    To check the connection method being used select Tools >Account List >Edit account details >Online services. 

    Please provide further details so that we may provide the proper guidance. 

    -Quicken Paloma
  • This is happening to my Space Age Federal Credit Union Checking and Savings Accounts that were updating just fine prior to October 15th. When I go to the Online services as you stated above, I type in my credit union's name and it finds it. I hit connect and then put in my bank user name and password and then I get the CC-501 error. This has been happening for a month. I have no updates after 11/14/2021. I called Quicken and talked to a tech who had me upload all my log files and he said he found the errors and was escalating this to other techs, but he thought the problem would be fixed in a few days, but it is still here. I shared my screen with him and he had me go through all sorts of stuff, but still couldn't get it to connect to Space Age. Initially my credit union told me they updated their web site and that they knew about the problem, as it was on their side. But they told me that they got their side all fixed as of November 8th. Now the problem seems to be on the Quicken side. I just want it to work as fast and easy as it did before all this trouble started to happen. I just want to be able to get my account updates again. This is very frustrating.
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    Hello @Rick S

    We apologize for the frustration and thank you for reporting this error to the community.  Our teams are aware of this issue and are working with our service providers to restore connections as soon as possible.

    If you haven't already, I encourage to visit and 'bookmark' the ongoing alert we have for this error code and issue, available here.

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    This issue is now six weeks without resolution - not the level of customer service that I expect from Quicken. What is the status?
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