More on Charles Schwab's authorization issues

Getting the authorization 'loop' and a different scenario.

I have 3 active brokerage accounts with Schwab, all accessible via their website under one set of credentials. When updating via Quicken, Schwab goes thru the authorization routine, picks up the credentials, asks which accounts should be privileged, but only offers 2 of the 3 accounts for connection. Back in Quicken, I'm being offered to link the 2 identified accounts and the 3rd is left out.



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    I'm having the exact same issue. I have 5 accounts with Schwab but only 4 of them show up. I have one sign on with Schwab, and every time I open Quicken I get asked to log onto Schwab to link the accounts. Even when I do that, then update the accounts, I'll refresh the page and try again and Quicken makes me link those accounts again. I've even tried deleting the Schwab accounts from Quicken and adding them back in by linking again, and it still doesn't work. Very frustrating! I don't know what else to do.
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    Hello @Alan Fields & @lgrdsk

    Thank you for taking the time to share the details of your experience with the community, although we apologize for any frustration or inconvenience experienced.

    May I ask, are either of you attempting to update your Schwab accounts in multiple data files?

    If not, is the missing account a 'view-only' type of account?

    Please let us know, thank you.

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    In general - what is or might be different with the missing accounts vs the others that are getting linked ?

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    1) Nope, I keep only one Quicken data file.
    2) I would have no idea what a view only account is. They're all active investment accounts.
    3) Just possible oddball issue: the missing account is an inherited IRA which reports under a different tax number, but it does come up properly in Schwab's website under the same user/password as the accounts that do show up in the authorization list.
  • Same original issue, but only three of my 4 accounts at Schwab showed up in the first Verification effort. The only offered actions were to Add the three accounts or Don't Add them. No offer to Link Account.
    Because I mistakenly Added existing accounts before (and had to manually move updated transactions, then delete the newly added accounts), I chose Don't Add. Then I tried the second Verification that appeared in my Update results, and it only offered to add my IRA, my fourth account. When I went through the steps, it offered to Link Existing accounts, so I gladly did.

    I went through a Connect to Quicken process to link the first three accounts, and was offered Link to Existing, which I chose. Unfortunately it created new accounts, but I was only able to delete 2 of the 3. I go through the Edit account and type yes to delete, but the third account remains.
    And after each of the above actions, which means 4 times, I was offered two overlapping Quicken windows to add my Bank of America account. I don't have a Bank of America account!

    I'm going to wait 24 hours then try to delete the duplicate account. Any other suggestions appreciated!
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    6.4.5 update does not solve the reauthorization process with Schwab. Continues to not display account associated with Schwab's login. It's been a month now! Tier 2 took ownership, sent it to the developer they said. This is the product. Numerous logs sent since 6.4.5 update. [removed - solicitation/profanity]
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