7 years of transactions lost with the Charles Schwab account update

Why did I lose 7 years of transactions with the Charles Schwab account update? Afterwards, when I picked new start date it did not rectify the lost transactions.[Removed-Speculation]. Good thing I started with the easiest one of 3 accounts. I am not doing the other 2 unless you give me more help than the screens provided. Too confusing. I picked "detailed transactions" and that was all the extra help that was provided. Nothing about losing years of data. Why didn't it all download from Charles Schwab?


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    The only way I can think of that you can "lose 7 years of transactions" is if you deleted the account, together with all its transactions. Who told you to delete an account? Most likely the instructions you were reading told you to deactivate the account. Totally different ball game. Deactivating an account does not delete any transactions. It just disconnects the account from the brokerage so you can reconnect it ("activate it") later.
    To get out of this mess, I recommend you restore your Quicken data file from a backup taken BEFORE your started working on this issue. https://www.quicken.com/support/how-backup-or-restore-your-quicken-data
    When that's done start over with your process.

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