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    File validation did not work for me. I have four securities whose balances in the portfolio value report are markedly lower than their true balances. The number of shares and the quotes/prices are both correct, so if you multiple those two numbers you get the correct balance/market value. Clearly, there is a bug in the Quicken software, in terms of how balances are calculated in the portfolio value report.

    Currently, in order to get an accurate portfolio value report, I have to run the report in Quicken, export it to Excel, and have Excel compute the balance by multiplying the number of shares by the price; I then correct the gain/loss by having Excel subtract the cost basis from the balance. [Removed-Speculation/Disruptive]

    All four securities do have one thing in common-all of them have undergone stock splits, and I suspect that that may have something to do with the calculation error. When DuPont de Nemours, Inc., spun off its agriscience subsidiary, Corteva, Inc. in 2019, and then did a reverse share split, in order to record the spin off correctly, I had to manually remove all of the old Dupont shares, then add the new Dupont and Corteva shares; Quicken automatically recorded the reverse share split. However, when I used the same date for adding the Dupont shares and the reverse share split, the balance for Dupont on the portfolio value and cost basis report was incorrect. I manually moved the share split to the next day, and the problem was solved, except that every time I ran Quicken Update, Quicken informed me that the stock split was on the wrong day, and kept wanting to change it back to the correct date. If I let Quicken change the date back, then the same problem recurred. I finally solved the problem by changing the date on the adding of the shares to the day before, and leaving the date of the stock split unchanged.
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