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Is it possible to show a line item on an invoice without Quicken showing 0.00 in the amount column. I do a list of work done then a line item that shows TOTAL LABOUR, for all the individual work items done.


  • UKR
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    AFAIK the answer is: No, sorry, a line item in a customer invoice will always show zeros in Qty, Rate and Amount.
    But do you really want to load up and inflate the size of your data file with lengthy line item explanations? Or might it be easier to attach a separate sheet with all the details and keep the line item short, e.g. "Total Labour (see attached worksheet)"?
  • RobertDNA
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    If I have to use a second sheet I would be far better to skip Quicken and use excel or word exclusively. I guess that I will just have to ignore the peculiarities of Quicken. Thanks for clarifying the issue.
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