Does updating a transaction category in my bank update in Quicken too?

Let’s say 1) I’ve updated my linked Bank of America account in Quicken and later, 2) go back to BofA and change a transaction category (in the “edit” pulldown menu where BoA has many choices); when I do a new Quicken update on that account, 3) will Quicken reflect that revised category change? If not, is a workaround to go to a previous quicken back-up and have Quicken re-update the account where it would see that change? I'm using one revision for this example, but obviously want to change many categories... Thanks much!


  • UKR
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    I don't think so. I am not aware of anything in the transaction download protocol which downloads category information from a bank website into Quicken.
    For best results I recommend you stick with correctly categorizing your transactions in Quicken and using this as the foundation for creating your Federal Income Tax Returns.
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