Citi Credit Card statement info not updating, Although statement is available

Greetings - I'm posting this issue again because it is still NOT fixed by Quicken.

It's been an issue for most of 2021. Just tried this month with no success. How many months should this be allowed to go on?
If Quicken will not fix the issue using Quick Pay, then please allow us a few more checks per month using Check Pay so that we can use that method. Thank you.

Previous post, which was closed but not fixed:

Trying to refresh the Citi credit card statement info, and all we get after a long delay is
"Biller Added. Waiting for latest Update"
This error message seems useless, since we'd already added the biller long ago.

We know the statement is available because we've received the email from Citi, AND from within Quicken we can download the statement PDF from Citi using the 'Download Bill Statements". It is only after a week or more from when the PDF statement is available that Quicken QuickPay will refresh to get the same info. This issue has been going on for some time, at least since last March.
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