Erroring when downloading data for brokerages with multiple accounts OL-362-A

I have had this error many times, mostly when ignoring some of the accounts associated with the userid. This is very frustrating and the only way I can download is by deactivating and reactivating. Has anyone had this issue? I have also had it happen now, with a joint account (I believe), between 2 accounts that I am downloading for.


  • hwengmgr
    hwengmgr Member
    This started for me two days ago. Try to download, all brokerage accounts get OL-362-A error.

    I maintain 4 quicken files and they ALL are doing it so its not one particular file that has the problem.

    To make it worse, I deactivated accounts, reconnected (big PITA) and it looked like they were working again if I just downloaded that account. But then when I told it to download all accounts, only the last one I reactivated works. the others revert to the OL-362-A error.

    I would love to try the latest version (using 36.38) and Quicken tells me a new version is available. but when I click to download it, it tells me I have the latest version!!!

    I know its a complex product but downloading data is pretty basic to the product operation.
  • hwengmgr
    hwengmgr Member
    OK so I found some other comments that recommended rebooting WIndows. I did that and it fixed the errors.

    Wow, not great quality code but at least there is a workaround.
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