Principal and interest not automatically adjusting on new mortgage

I refinanced this summer and put in the new payment into quicken. The first month was correct, but each month since then, it shows the same principal/interest breakdown and I have to manual adjust after the payment is made. Previously Quicken adjusted it each month according to the payment schedule. How do I get it to do this on the new mortgage?


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    How did you set up this new mortgage account? Did you activate it, i.e., connect it to the mortgage company for information downloading?
    If so, it would be better to deactivate the account and maintain it as an offline account.
    To make your monthly payments use the Scheduled Reminder provided by the mortgage setup process in Quicken. It contains the correct variable principal and interest amounts for each payment. Record the reminder a day or two before the due date as a transfer from your checking account. Then, when the checking account downloads the payment confirmation just match it to the already existing register transaction and you're all set.
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