Split transaction not converted over for Charles Schwab?

All my checking and savings account balance are in sync after 21-11-18 conversion for Charles Schwab but all the split amounts that make up the total transaction where dropped. All those categories empty fields. How long will it take me to add those missing categories makes one feel like throwing in the towel.


  • I doubt if Quicken or Schwab people had anything to do with this conversion. Probably an third party that passing itself off as security consultants. What other reason to pass history and change phone numbers and other numbers that might represent an ID to xxx. Probably an piece of software develop at another project was modify can be the only reason for category being dropped for each ID coverted to x and all split transactions being dropped. In order for Turbo Tax to work at year end, I close out the old checking and start an new checking account. Probably the only way to get Turbo Tax to work passing all account without dropped split transaction or Dropped category.
  • Rob41
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    Same problem for me. Many transactions that were already in the register lost their categorization altogether (now uncategorized), while many that were splits are now showing only one category that was part of the split as if it was the only category to begin with.
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